THE HISTORY – Marlton Golf Club, Upper Marlboro, MD


The land on which the Marlton Golf Course is built has a rich history in the beautiful Prince George’s County southern region.  The original landowners include members of the prominent Clagett-Hill family.  During the 19th century the property comprised of the 379-acre Woodstock Farm.  The Clagett-Hill Tobacco Barn, which was constructed c. 1890, remained in possession of the Hill Family until 1960.  By the mid 1960’s the Woodstock Farm, including the Clagett-Hill Tobacco Barn, was conveyed to speculative developers Orville and Mark Ritchie.  Their envisioned planned satellite community resulted in the Marlton housing development opening with much fanfare in 1966, and a championship golf course followed in 1968.  The Clagett-Hill Tobacco Barn was repurposed for use as golf course offices and equipment storage.  Today, Josephine Moss Nelson owns the barn and an associated single-family dwelling.  These structures are the reminders of the long history of Prince George’s Country from a rural past to the residential and commercial development that has and is flourishing today.

For many years the Marlton Golf Course was closed.  A full redesign and reemergence of the Marlton Golf Course designed by Ault-Clark and Associates occurred in the 1996-1997 timeframe and the course reopened in 1998.  The Marlton Golf Course was previously owned by Don Pleasants and managed by Kemper Sports until April 2015.  HWVJ Enterprises, LLC opened the doors to their newly acquired course on April 18, 2015.

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