WILLIE J. BLAKENEY, JR. – Marlton Golf Club, Upper Marlboro, MD


Willie is a native of Washington, DC and is a true visionary and entrepreneur. He worked as Assistant Director of Engineering and later Director of Building Engineering at Rock Creek Manor in Georgetown.  He is a member of the District of Columbia Fire and EMS Department, and a 23 year veteran Firefighter and Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technician. As an entrepreneur, Willie started his own business, Blakeney’s Carpentry Services. While working with Developer, Richard VanCamp, Willie was contractor for Sundecks, Inc., a Fairfax, Virginia based development company. He took on the challenge of renovating single family homes along with several commercial multi-unit apartment complexes. Willie also has an ear for music.  He was introduced to music at an early age and later reconnected with his musical roots after completing courses at Omega Recording Studio in Rockville, obtaining his certification as a Studio Engineer.  Willie continued his entrepreneur foray with yet another business, MPAC Sound, LLC.  He became an expert in installing, setting up and operating sound reinforcement equipment as well as staging and lighting systems. Willie purchased an 8000 square foot warehouse converting it into a multi-purpose live entertainment venue (The Scene) in the District of Columbia. As former sole owner and operator, he hosted events featuring local and national artists. Willie is no stranger to recognition and to volunteer work.  He was recently named Vice President of media operations at Youth In Music and Education (YIMAE), a local nonprofit organization that teaches at risk youth the setup and operation of Sound Reinforcement and basic, intermediate, and advanced studio recording engineering. He works with passion and dedication to assist wherever his skills are needed in the Edgewood Terrace Complex in northeast.

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