10 Best Affordable Golf Drivers 2022 Review

As a golfer, you understand the need for a driver or a 1-wood in a golf club set. This type of club is essential. However, the issue of costs being high could be a little discouraging. Through our review, you will learn about several affordable golf drivers.

These drivers are primarily expensive because they have big club heads and are also the most extended type of golf club. The long length is vital in ensuring the distance is maximized for the ball to reach a spot on the carpet.

It’s with no doubt that the article will make it easier for you to get the best affordable driver; we outlined the following products for you.

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Best Affordable Golf Drivers Review

Srixon Golf 2017 Men’s Z 756 Driver

Srixon Golf 2017 Men's Z 756 Driver

Srixon Z 756 qualifies for the title of best budget golf driver. It has a dynamic design that allows it to flex, enhancing COR mostly on low impacts.

This driver is a great deal for new players in the game or high handicappers. A face with a new stretch extending around the crown and sole facilitates the creation of a wide sweet spot. This lightweight driver has a head weighing approximately 4 grams.

Going by how it wields, it is high-performance. Also, it’s aerodynamic as it swings and fits well in hand. It gives smooth drives that could get you good results.


  • Improves swing
  • Offers a good feeling while teeing off with
  • Lightweight


  • Has to be readjusted with few swings
  • Not suitable for longer distance

TaylorMade Men’s RBZ Black

TaylorMade Men's RBZ Black

The TaylorMade Men’s RBZ Black Driver is designed with optimal technology to enhance performance. It has a 450cc head, speed pocket, and ultra-lite titanium core. It is one of the best affordable golf drivers.

The 460cc head gives golfers complete confidence at address, hit it high, and watch it fly. The Ultra-lite titanium core allows it to shift more weight to its perimeter, thus creating a higher launch and reducing miss shots. Additionally, the speed pocket is at the club’s sole, and it regulates the spin giving the player a wider distance.

Are you a stylish person? Need a sleek driver? The RBZ driver has a touch of the lustrous black finish and distinguished alignment. This driver will be outstanding on your bag, making a good impression at first sight.

If you are in the search for a tool that would give you the option of tweaking the club to fit your game, RBZ Black has an adjustable loft sleeve that enables you to adjust settings to equal your swing


  • Higher launch thanks to titanium weight
  • Speed pocket technology for high swing velocity and distance addition
  • Stable throughout swings
  • Elegant with fine black finish
  • Comfortable shaft
  • High launch ability and trajectory control


  • Few aesthetic options
  • Offers a smaller sweet spot

Tour Edge Golf- Hot Launch HL3 Driver

Tour Edge Golf- Hot Launch HL3 Driver

Tour Edge Golf HL3 Driver is the best golf driver for the money. The feature of a changeable face depth technology results in better performance on non-center hits. This club head is forged from titanium with a cup face design to maximize the speed of the ball off the face.

Are you in need of a driver that delivers high speed? HL3 Driver has a powerful avenue that boosts ball speed and minimizes the ability to reduce shots.

The HL3 driver is excellent since it doesn’t portray any cheapness in any form. The item contains a 60g UST shaft held up nicely to your swing. Moreover, it has a smooth feeling in the hand, and its flick is incredible. Its black crown sparkles with a single alignment spot.

The Hot Launch HL3 is fairly audible at impact. Implying that the noticeable sound gives the driver a hotter feeling. This connection makes the driver fascinating.


  • High power from most contact points on the face
  • Adjustable face thickness technology
  • Easy launch due to rear sole weight
  • Has offset hosel that gives indefinite slice-fighting management


  • Too rough on the face
  • Off-center mark
  • Asymmetrical club head

MacGregor Golf MACTEC Adjustable Titanium 460cc Driver

MacGregor Golf MACTEC Adjustable Titanium 460cc Driver

MacGregor Titanium 460cc Driver is a club with an adjustable loft that can match your bias. The design allows you to adjust its angle to various degrees through the adjustment key. The Driver has a compound club head made of titanium; the creation facilitates improvement distance and forgiveness even with off hits. It also has a powerful launch thanks to its lightweight shaft that is of graphite material.

If you need consistency in targeting the fairway, use this golf driver. It can reach a longer distance.

On the downside, despite the outstanding quality, this club might feel a bit off to some people as it might fail to match the performance of other models since it needs extra effort from the swings.


  • Excellent performance even with off hits
  • Re-adjustable
  • Great for high-speed hits
  • Consistent performance
  • High ball flights


  • Weight on the shaft might make it ineffective
  • Not designed for simple swings
  • Can’t match the performance of other models

Pgx Offset Golf Driver

PGX Offset Golf Driver

The PGX Offset Driver comes with an offset anti slice technology that allows you to square the ball at impact. With a 460Cc club head, you have all the forgiveness you need because of the massive sweet spot.

It also unique because it has a sleek, sophisticated look. Additionally, the presence of matte black finish and pops of white and green make it stylish!

A secure cover design on the clubhead has the role of protecting it against strong impacts. This design provides you with the comfort of squaring the ball at an impact; plus, you can achieve a distance of more than 200 yards. The impact is also significant for straighter shots.

However, the PGX offset driver also has its disadvantages. It may look all dashing and perfect, but with a few rocky areas here and there. The unique feel maybe as a result of a learning curve. Not to mention, the possibility of the clubhead breaking due to strong impact during its initial stages is high.



  • Stylish
  • Interesting combination of colors
  • Clubhead guaranteed secure protection during transportation
  • Great impact
  • Straighter shots


  • Uncertainty of clubhead breakage during initial stages.
  • Unique feel may be quite strange.
  • More offset golf drivers than this one.

Mazel Titanium Golf Drivers For Men, Right Handed, 460

MAZEL Titanium Golf Drivers for Men 460CC

Mazel Titanium Golf Drivers shines among the best mens golf drivers that are inexpensive. The material used for the head is lightweight despite its titanium strength.This creates a steadier and faster ball speed when launched.

The thin thickness design allows you to play more confidently due to its crisp sound. Also, the clubhead depth being 460Cc gives you a large sweet spot, hence high forgiveness. A technology- the CNC cup hitting face technology, is very instrumental for high rebound structure, which allows the ball to travel across the face efficiently, mostly on miss-hits. This technology also reduces face thickness.

The lightweight feature makes it very stress-free to control; hence it is possible for high-speed swings. Performance can be so effortless thanks to this attribute and titanium strength. Despite all the advantages, the sound that it produces can be a little too loud and uncomfortable. The club head also can break because of the excessive use of force; this may make it very difficult to control.


  • Highly rebound structure
  • The sound is clear
  • Very efficient
  • Lightweight
  • Strong yet comfortable grip.


  • Breakable club head
  • Needs excessive force to be used.
  • Loud.

TaylorMade SIM MAX Driver Fujikura Ventus 6 Shaft

TaylorMade SIM MAX Driver Fujikura Ventus 6 Shaft

This affordable golf club has a super-fast clubhead speed provided by the revolutionary New Shape with an Aerodynamic Asymmetrical sole and Inertia Generator. The creation takes the sweet spot concept to another level because the rear weight offers a high MOI for forgiveness.


The C.O.R is intelligently optimized, improves the speed across the face, ultimately turning the head to the threshold of the legal speed limit thanks to the injected speed technology. Accordingly, the product also possesses a technology called Twist face. It is designed to overcome common golfer tendencies on mishits by using corrective face angle hence creating more confidence.

Taylormade Sim Max Driver Fujikura 6 Shaft design is embodied with a mixture of materials which include Carbon, Titanium, and steel. These materials strategically position weight for high MOI and significantly low CG.

The driver contains a 2-degree loft sleeve for personalization and adjustability to optimize the club for every golfer’s preference of trajectory and face angle. This may be the best affordable golf driver and most fashionable among tailor-made.



  • Ultra-low CG.
  • The sound is balanced.
  • Reshaped sole design.
  • Best materials combination.
  • Maybe the best of Taylormade drivers.


  • Slight chance of receiving the wrong variation.

Orlimar Golf ATS Junior Boy’s Individual Golf Clubs

Orlimar Golf ATS Junior Boy's Individual Golf Clubs

Children always adopt adult characteristics, including gaming. Kids brought up with adults that play golf may at times want to lift a club. Unfortunately, adult golf clubs are extremely heavy. The good news is Orlimar Golf ATS Junior Boy’s Individual Golf clubs have solved this mystery. You can now purchase for your upcoming mini golfer a club for fun and training. The drivers are for kids aged 3 to 5 years old, ranging from 3′ to 3’8″.

Composite is used to make the shaft because it is a light material that is advantageous for those tiny muscles. The softness of the grip is attributed to a rubber material, not forgetting the protective cover that comes with the clubhead.

Unfortunately, the product excludes the little under 3 years of. Why? Because the size is a little too heavy for them, some 3year olds may complain of the weight. The clubhead is oversized than most juniors, sometimes even comparable to high-quality variation for adults. It is advisable to test the weight before purchase.



  • Uniquely designed for children.
  • Made with light material.
  • Soft to touch rubber shaft
  • Affordable
  • Challenge of choice.


  • Limited to 3-5-year-olds only.
  • Heavier than 5-year-olds sometimes.

Pinemeadow PGX 500cc Illegal/Non-Conforming Driver

Pinemeadow PGX 500cc Illegal-Non-Conforming Driver

Pinemeadow PGX 500cc is the best for anyone who plays golf for recreation because its clubhead exceeds the maximum size acceptable by USGA (United States Golf Association), goes up to 500Cc. With that size, your game becomes smoother than ever before. Anyone seeking to play a tournament, skip this one; it’s illegal.

It has a massive sweet spot because of the oversized clubhead it has. Therefore your contact and distance are on point.

It has a sleek finish with its matte black finish, clean, sharp, and easy on the eyes when hitting the ball. The item is surprisingly affordable for most pockets, considering the smooth performance.

A  Pinemeadow PGX 500cc can throw a ball to even 300 yards. Even though there has never been a known case of breakage or detachment of the clubhead, the head may develop a dent eventually.



  • Best for recreation
  • Easy on the eyes while addressing and hitting the ball
  • Covers maximum distance
  • Sleek finish.
  • It is unbreakable.
  • Perfect gift for a casual golfer friend.


  • Not allowed for tournaments by gaming standards.
  • Gets denied overtime.

TaylorMade Golf M2

TaylorMade Golf M2

This driver appears more straightforward compared to SIM MAX and is more appealing than RBZ. The driver suits experienced golfers. Its structure allows it to lightweight as the CG`s position is far back.  It also has a speed pocket and geocoustic technology.

This club can cover maximum distance as well as offer more forgiveness. Furthermore, it also comes with free goodies such as the club headcover and the lofts adjustment tool.


  • Is a superior option
  • Significant distance thanks to maximum forgiveness
  • Free goodies
  • Lightweight
  • Effectively placed CG


  • Likelihood of poor swing
  • Free tools might be jumpy
  • Has permanently fixed weight

How to Buy Good Affordable Golf Drivers

When it comes to smashing far down the fairway or making sure even mishits don’t stray too far, it is essential to have the best and pocket-friendly golf drivers. This is also to boost your confidence and to match your level of play and style.

It is crucial to comprehend specific aspects of a driver to make informed choices and avoid being overwhelmed. With plenty in the market to choose from, how do you go about it?

This article will make that easier for you by describing some properties of the best affordable golf drivers you could have, including the technology behind them.


Considering the length is significant. Why? Because a head travels faster when the shaft is longer. Golf drivers come in different lengths; hence finding the standard one may be tricky for you. Plus, the measurements also depend on the manufacturer’s choice. The most common length variation is 43.5″ to 47″.

However, drivers have continued to get longer with time, with the maximum acceptable being 48″. Though you’re looking for an affordable golf driver, it is prudent to choose a long enough one for you to hit accurately. It is hard to control and hit the ball squarely with a longer shaft Bottom-line. Therefore, go for one that feels comfortable for you or get a custom-made one.

*Tip- Most professionals may prefer 45”


More lofts for slower swings are typically the rule set for golf drivers. What is loft? This is the intensity of which the face of the club slopes back. Usually, loft ranges from 8.5 degrees to 15 degrees, and this should match your swing speed. Even with more variables in the picture, higher lofted clubs create more backspin; hence, the ball is kept in the air longer.

Most average male golfers’ swing speed may range from 80 to 90 mph. Thus they use a driver with 10.5 degrees to 12 degrees loft, which most higher lofted drivers achieve. Anything above 12 degrees is best for those that struggle with slow swings and distance.

Size and material

The type of golfer you are determines the type of material you may want to choose for your golf drive. Most materials that mostly make the best golf drives include; titanium, alloy, and stainless steel. Accordingly, alloys are recommendable for golfers that hit the driving range occasionally. This material may be affordable and of high quality.

Golfers who play frequently and consistently should consider using titanium or multi-material drivers because they have excellent strength and lightweight. However, this material may be expensive but also affordable to other people. On the other hand, stainless steel drivers are more heavyweight; hence, they offer more control on the descent.

460 cubic centimeters is the maximum size acceptable and most common size for most drivers. This site mostly has a more prominent sweet spot.


Technology always seeks to bring a better version of innovations to improve efficiency and make an activity easier. New technologies have brought out those with more prominent sweet spots for clubs, allowing a large margin of error. With the advent of new technology, the discovery of square drivers helps increase inertia (MOI) and resistance to twisting, resulting in accuracy.

Modern technology has also brought forth adjustable drivers, which create flexibility and variety with your shots. The head of the club or angle of the clubface, hosel, and sole where the weight is predominant are the adjustable parts.


Sometimes the best golf driver should be determined by your budget. Additionally, a golf drive may be hard to recommend for someone who has no budget. You may find an affordable golf club of good quality depending on the consistency of the market prices. It is advisable to consult with your retailer to find the best driver for your money.

Centre of gravity

The Centre of gravity is referred to when the driver is at a single balance point. Different golf drivers reviews have the view of where best to place the Centre of gravity. The Center of Gravity is flexible to move horizontally, vertically, or back and forth by moving adjustable weights.


The golf shaft driver can be regular or stiff. This feature allows golfers to pick a choice that favors their ability to swing. Standard shafts have a good excessive spin and peak heights, while the rigid driver’s shaft reduces the ball’s spin, which lowers your launch and the height of the ball at the peak.



Some golf drivers have adjustable weights, while some have fixed. This is because a bunch of golfers feels it isn’t necessary to adjust weights. The advantage is, without an additional mechanism, the price of the driver doesn’t go up.

Despite the price factor, a golfer should try a driver with adjustable weight to feel the difference in the performance. Do you see the extra money spent on movable weight? It is never for nothing.


Adjustable weight enhances forgiveness; hence most golfers prefer movable drivers. Some movable clubs transfer mass to a section of the club head, placing the weight closer to the edges. Others transfer the weight to control the angle of launch and spin.

Precision and range


Finding a golf driver with the ability to balance distance and accuracy is never easy. It is acceptable to settle with a golf driver that gives you one. However, this is when you will be wavering between range and precision. Precision goes with consistency, so if you are consistently accurate on your hits, it means you are precise. Achieving precision requires the right driver. Don’t peg your accuracy on luck!


A longer shaft is likely to increase distance; however, this in most cases leads to inaccuracy. If your shots are shaky, don’t focus on range. Choosing between range and precision should be guided by your skill level in the golf game.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a decent golf driver?

Features, as well as the brands, determine the price of golf clubs. In that, clubs with enormous heads and longer shafts cost more than those with small heads and lengths.

Brands that are reputable marketers charge the highest for their drivers, then the famous brands costs are a little bit fair, and lastly, the less prominent or popular brands charge the lowest.

To get a decent driver, you should bear in mind the features you desire and the standard or quality of the golf club that you consider decedent. If this also matches your budget, then you shall have found the best driver for your money.

Are cheap golf clubs any good?

Even in your golf sets, you can still find good cheap golf drivers. Some drivers are cheap in the sense that they come in a package that offers a discount when bought as a whole set. On the other hand, others are purchased solo but still at relatively low prices.

Of course, the construction and materials for cheap clubs and expensive ones are quite different hence the price difference.  However, both can serve the same purpose though durability and efficiency may not be of the same level.

For a casual golfer, cheap golf clubs can serve you on the golf course. Children between 3 to 5 years of age can also find a driver among the affordable golf drivers. Your search for the best golf drivers for a beginner ends here, a cheap golf club will do.

Are used golf clubs worth buying?

With some research and consultation from either experienced golf players, good salesperson, or friends with knowledge, you can have reasons to be convinced that used golf clubs can do for you.

Recent vintage golf clubs are valuable provided they are still in good shape and with no damage. Used drivers with defects are less efficient and may cause inconveniences in the golf course. A defective driver may allow miss-hits, foul shots and limit distance coverage.

Additionally, your judgment has to be reasonable following the condition of the driver you want to buy. For certain used items, you can just set your eyes and judge by the looks first. Some things such as bends, curves, or cracks are noticeable. It is not rocket science; please have a look. Realy simple!

What is the best month to buy golf clubs?

Manufacturers and marketers advise that purchasing golf clubs throughout the season is okay. However, that is not necessarily true. First, evaluate your game and know what time you will need another golf club.

Holidays are always the best times to buy golf clubs. After evaluation and knowing the type of club you need, wait for the Christmas season and thanksgiving. Compare sales prices and make your purchase!


Several drivers are worth purchasing; the above products provide you with the best alternatives. It would help if you didn’t worry about robbing some large cash to afford one. Now you`re aware of the best driver deals to grab.

Choosing affordable golf drivers means you have to consider the prices of other products. But for quality purposes, price should never be the only thing to look for. It would help if you considered other properties such as precision, range, loft, and shape.

If you are ardent enough with golf, make a decision and buy one of the reviewed alternatives.

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