9 Best Golf Bags For Push Carts 2022 Review

Are you looking for the best golf bags for pushcarts? Then, you are in the right place.

When it comes to golf bags for pushcarts, you will always need one with many storage spaces. But the selection criteria can be a bit challenging considering many brands in the market. This article will save you trouble by reviewing the best golf bags for pushcarts in the market.

Generally, buying a pushcart is never a problem. However, when it comes to buying a cart bag, there are two things you should know;

First, old stand golf bags are not great for pushcarts since they easily twist out of place.

Second, golf bags for buggies and pushcarts are not the same.

Here is a review of the best golf bags for pushcarts in 2021. This review outlines the features of every bag, pros and cons, and factors that you should consider when buying a golf bag to push a cart.

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Best Golf Bags For Push Carts Review

Cobra Golf 2020 Ultralight

Cobra Golf 2020 Ultralight

This Cobra Golf cart bag is one of the best in the market. Designed as a middle ground between a cart bag and a stand bag, it comes in a lustrous make with enough storage slots and dividers for your golf equipment.

The cart bag is equally lightweight, with a comfy strap that allows you to lift it onto or from the trolley. The storage spaces are just spacious enough to hold whatever you may want to bring along on the golf course. It also features extra compartments for golf balls, water bottles or cans, and personal accessories.

The compartments are arranged in an orderly manner to help you organize your stuff. In addition, the golf bag has a separate and divided slot for every golf club and putter. The Cobra Ultralight golf cart bag comes in a range of four colors. What’s more, it is an affordable option for anyone looking for a high-quality lightweight golf cart bag.

You can use the Cobra Ultralight 2020 golf cart bag on driving carts and pushcarts.


  • Comes in a wide range of color options
  • Comfortable strap for loading and unloading
  • Extra compartments for all your golf accessories
  • Compatible with push and driving carts
  • Spacious storage spaces
  • Affordable


  • Tends to flimsy and instable

Sun Mountain 2020 Sync Golf Cart Bag

Sun Mountain 2020 Sync Golf Cart Bag

The Sun Mountain 2020 Sync Golf Cart Bag is one of the best golf cart bags for women. This golf cart bag is among the few that are gender-specific due to its design. The product comes in many color options with a stylish look, making it an easy pick for women.

It has a design that features eight compartments, including a ventilated cooler pocket, a slot for a golf rangefinder, and others for your accessories. The storage is pretty enough for all your needs.

Like most golf bags for push carts, this item is very durable and can serve you for ages if you use it well. It is also a well-designed cart bag with enough space for your clubs and other golf equipment.

As much as it is a cart bag, you can also use it as a stand bag. Accordingly, it is compatible with many golf carts.

On the downside, the Sun Mountain Sync is a bit uncomfortable if you want to carry it around the golf course. Why? Because of its strap size. However, it is an excellent choice, considering its features and price.


  • Comes in a comfortable weight
  • Features many pockets
  • Highly durable
  • Very stable
  • Made of water-resistant material
  • Enough storage space


  • Has an uncomfortable strap
  • The pockets can be overwhelming

PING 2018 Hoofer 14 Carry Stand Golf Bag

PING 2018 Hoofer 14 Carry Stand Golf Bag

PING 2018 Hoofer 14 Golf Bag is one of the most versatile cart bags in the market. As the name suggests, this is a golf stand bag that doubles as a push cart bag. So if you want a cart bag you can carry along the gold course, look no farther than the PING 2018 Hoofer 14.

It comes with many functional features that make it one of the most adored cart bags. The bag is lightweight but does not sacrifice storage space in the process. Also, it features 14-way dividers that run to the bottom of the golf bag. This ensures that your clubs are well-organized throughout the session.

In the creation also lies 12 compartments with a unique slot for a golf rangefinder. The magnetic slot means you do not have to unzip the golf bag compartment to access your rangefinder. The bag is also well-designed with highly durable nylon material that lasts ages.

Another impressive feature of this Carry Stand Golf Bag is that it is very stable with standing legs. In addition, the extending legs are very stable, sleek, and do not interfere with anything when you load the bag to a pushcart.


  • Features large and evenly spaced compartments
  • A versatile option than many cart bags
  • Lightweight and very portable


  • Does not have enough storage spaces

Cleveland Golf Stand Bag

Cleveland Golf Stand Bag

Cleveland is a famous brand in golf products and for all the good reasons. But, Cleveland goes an extra step when it comes to golf cart bags to ensure you get more than what you thought you needed in the first place. Cleveland golf bags for push carts come with more gadgets to help you keep your golf accessories dry and protected as you play.

No player would like anything that slows down his play. So, when it comes to speeding your game, Cleveland golf cart bags are a force to reckon. This Cleveland Golf Stand bag comes with an in-built pen and divot tool holder. The feature alone ensures that you access your accessories fast enough for a faster, calmer, and relaxed play. This golf bag is designed to enhance efficiency.

The bag comes with a unique slot for golf balls so you can pull out a ball from the bag’s clip without the hassle of digging around the compartments for a new ball.

Moreover, it also features a well-designed handle system. This aspect helps you lift the bag when moving around the golf course effortlessly. The two handles, one at the base and another on the spine, are designed to help you load and unload the golf bag. Additionally, the handles running from top to down helps stabilize the bag when standing.

The Cleveland Golf Stand Bag is undoubtedly a top-rated golf bag for push carts when considering functionality. Therefore, it is an excellent pick if you want a golf bag that makes your golf life more manageable.


  • High-quality and  durable golf bag
  • More stable than most cart bags
  • Highly functional with more gadgets
  • Features a unique slot for golf balls
  • Well-designed and positioned handles


  • Can be heavier than necessary
  • May not be the best golf bag since its material is not water-resistant

Sun Mountain C-130

Sun Mountain C-130

This item is not the sleekest and most stylish golf cart bag on this list. However, the bag is designed explicitly for pushcarts and is a highly sturdy and durable option. Generally, you will use this cart bag for ages without worrying about a replacement or your golf accessories getting damaged or lost.

The Sun Mountain C-130 golf cart bag is designed to fit into the pushcart perfectly to ensure it does not move around when you push the cart. Accordingly, the top features a handle that can be strapped effortlessly, while the bottom is extensive to prevent rocking as you move with the cart. Lastly, the midsection can be fastened to make it more secure on the cart.

For durability, it has a rubber bumpers design. This feature also helps you keep your valuables more secure even when you accidentally hit an object on the golf course while pushing the cart.

What’s more, the bag`s features are perfectly placed dividers for every golf club you may need for your rounds. The dividers are padded to keep your clubs safer and prevent damage. A putter well is also included to ensure your putters do not rock as you move. However, the dividers are not as firm as with other golf bags in the market.

The Sun Mountain C-130 also has nine compartments with a slot for holding your beverage, rangefinder, valuables, and many other golf accessories. It also comes with a weatherproof hood to keep your accessories dry during rainy seasons.


  • Integrated putter well
  • Spacious slots for all golf accessories
  • Unique compartment for a golf rangefinder
  • Durable and secure straps for loading and unloading
  • Well-placed and positioned pockets
  • More durable
  • Water-resistant hood
  • Well-designed dividers for all your golf clubs


  • Compartments tend to be smaller for some golfers
  • Very expensive

Titleist Hybrid 14

Titleist Hybrid 14

Titleist remains a famous brand when it comes to golf products, especially golf balls. The brand is excellent in its design of the Titleist Hybrid 14 golf cart bag. The bag is a more superior model in design to many golf bags for pushcarts in the market. So, if you are looking for a perfect cart bag, this is it.

This product is not only lightweight to begin with but also excellent in other areas. For instance, the cart bag comes with compartments with zippers for extra security of your golf stuff. Additionally, it has extra pockets for valuables and other golf accessories like a rangefinder.

The presence of a full-length divider helps you to keep your golf clubs organized and safe during rounds. Another bonus is the well-designed straps of the bag that makes it more compatible with pushcarts. Plus, it is easier to load and unload the golf bag on any pushcart, thanks to the same creation.

The many color options and affordability for its overall quality and design suits your preference and pockets. So you will not sweat about buying this bag considering what you get in return.

With full-length dividers and slops for golf clubs, the push cart bag is a perfect fit for all golfers. And as the name suggests, this is a hybrid golf bag. This implies that the Titleist Hybrid 14 is a cart bag, a stand bag, and a carry bag. If that is not enough for versatility around the golf course, then what is?

With padded straps, you can easily carry the bag during rounds and not feel its weight weighing you down. Additionally, the straps are more comfortable for moving the bag.

It is very stable and secure as a stand bag, so you won’t worry about your stuff rocking when moving or standing the bag.

All the compartments are well-placed and positioned for easier and better accessibility when the bag is mounted on a cart. Accordingly, the bag has a perfect weight if you want to carry it along.

The product is an affordable hybrid golf bag that will serve you for years regardless of your playing conditions. Overall, it is an excellent golf bag that any golfer would love to have.


  • Enough slots for all your golf club
  • Excellent design
  • Affordable price considering its features
  • Sturdy and highly durable


  • A bit heavier

IZZO Golf Izzo Lite Stand

IZZO Golf Izzo Lite Stand

IZZO Golf Lite Stand bag is a unique entry to this list for many reasons. Firstly, this golf bag will make your rounds more thrilling due to the dual straps that make it a perfect carry bag. Additionally, the straps are adjustable for convenience.

The bag comes with all the necessary features a golfer would want in a golf bag for pushcarts. It has enough storage spaces for all your golf stuff without added weight.

With a sturdy leg mechanism and personalized golf ball pocket, this bag is simply a no-brainer. What’s more interesting is that it also features safer compartments.

The IZZO Golf Lite Stand bag is a combination of elegance and convenience you can’t afford to pass up. However, some golf players complain that the pockets are not zippered.


  • Full-length dividers for organization
  • Comfortable straps
  • Smart grip technology
  • Lightweight
  • Different color options


  • Pockets not zippered

OGIO 2020 XIX Women’s Cart Bag

OGIO 2020 XIX Women's Cart Bag

The OGIO 2020 XIX cart bag for women is an excellent choice for golfers looking for more storage spaces and features in a pushcart bag. Let us begin with the bag`s super lightweight and proper design for women. In addition, its stylish look makes it a center of attraction on the golf course.

This golf bag for pushcarts features a pass-through strap that allows you to lift and securely fit the bag on a pushcart. It can also double as a carry bag due to its excellently padded straps. The double strap is something you will be comfortable with on the golf course.

Unlike the OGIO Alpha Convoy 514, this one comes with extra storage space, including a putter well, insulated cooler pocket, valuables pocket, and slots for all golf accessories. However, the bag compares a lot with its predecessor when it comes to other features. And even though it is slightly lightweight, you cannot notice the difference easily.

The OGIO 2020 XIX cart bag also has full-length dividers for the organization of all your golf clubs. In addition, the three handles make it even easier to lift. These features make it a perfect golf bag you can carry around the golf course or shove onto a pushcart and tow along.


  • Lightweight
  • Excellent and stylish design
  • Extra storage space for golf stuff
  • Versatile
  • Highly durable


  • Not as stable when standing

PROSiMMON Tour 14 Way

PROSiMMON Tour 14 Way

One of the most organized and well-designed cart bags in the market is the PROSiMMON Tour 14 Way. This cart bag may not be your ideal lightweight cart bag. However, the bag is an excellent option for any golfer looking for a sleek cart bag.

Accordingly, it is among the few cart bags that feature an external putter well. This feature allows you to access your stuff easily. It also keeps big grip gold clubs well. It is also well-priced for its durability and overall quality.

On the downside, the item is that it lacks storage space. The bag has only seven compartments. However, the pockets are highly secure to keep your golf accessories in place. You will not worry about losing anything on the golf course with the PROSiMMON Tour 14 Way.

If you do not mind the seven compartments, or this bag bearing a little more weight compared to come bags, then for your pushcart, it might just be the right cart bag for you.


  • Features an external putter well
  • An affordable option
  • Features an insulated cooler compartment
  • Safer


  • Not enough storage spaces
  • A bit heavier than many options on this list

How to Buy Good Golf Bags for Push Carts

Golf bags for pushcarts save you the struggle of shouldering the full weight of the bag and the equipment. However, you won’t go around picking the hugest bag in the market. You need to compromise on many things to get the best golf bag for pushcarts. Here is a chance to be one step ahead when acquiring one. The following factors will help you get the best;

The Weight

The bag’s weight may not matter a lot since you will always push the bag around using a cart. However, you should know that you will need to carry the bag from your car to the golf course in the first place before you load it in a pushcart.

You do not need a hefty bag if you can get a lightweight option with similar storage space. This boils down to the material used to make the bag.


A durable golf bag for pushcarts will serve you for ages without replacement. First, you should know that the golf course does not offer any concerns for your golf bag. However, transporting the golf bag from your track to the golf course is where durability matters. Additionally, durability ensures that your clubs are protected and kept safe. For these bags, remember the need to focus on the legs to avoid having what breaks after a few months.

On top of durability, always cover your golf bag with a rain cover to ensure your equipment is not scratched when not in use.


A golf bag for pushcarts should have enough storage to keep what you need on the golf course. Also, what is the maximum carrying capacity? This means it all depends on what you need to carry for your game or have. Some golfers prefer golf bags with separate spaces for every club. Other players prefer fewer slots. It all narrows down to your preference.

However, you may want to consider dividers to ensure your clubs do not drop to the bottom.


If you are buying a golf bag for a pushcart, you should also consider other usages. For example, are you going to use the bag on pushcarts alone? Will you drag the bag for 18 holes? If you can answer these questions, you will most likely buy a golf bag that suits your needs.


Golf bags for pushcarts are available in a wide range of sizes. Golf bags can be very massive with many features and enormous storage spaces. Others can be smaller. Though size can also determine storage, the question is -can you carry the bag or even push it around?

You should always consider your golf bag and push cart size because it determines what you carry along. A more oversized bag comes with enough space to store what you have. However, the bulkiness and heaviness may cost you while pushing around. It is therefore essential to strike a proper balance between storage space and weight.


Golf bags for pushcarts can be expensive. Nonetheless, they are worth the investment since you rely on them to keep your valuable equipment safe. Additionally, you will always need the golf bag, unlike some clubs that you may not use around.

Golf bags usually last for years, and this makes them more expensive. However, golf bag prices vary from brand to brand. Therefore, you should always compare the prices before settling on one brand or model.

It is also advisable to consider other factors such as durability and quality ahead of cost. For example, there is no point in buying a golf bag cheaply and replace it after a few years if you can get one that lasts a decade without replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Carry My Golf Bag for Push Cart?

Yes, most golfers carry their golf pushcart bags around the golf course. However, if you want to carry your golf cart bag, you should consider buying a smaller, lightweight option. In addition, there are bags specifically fit for carrying around-Carry Bags.

Golf carry bags are not very common. Though, they still exist. With these bags, you have a lightweight golf bag without stands. They are typically designed for a quick game since they do not have much storage space.

Can A Golf Cart Bag Improve My Game?

That may not be the case. However, carrying14 clubs on your shoulder can have a toll on your game. The pushcart can save you lifting the weight but does not mean that the golf cart bag will improve your game. Instead, the bag ensures you are not tired from lifting your equipment, and you need your full strength to swing and focus on the game.

Can My Golf Bag Fit On Push Carts?

Most golf bags fit on a pushcart apart from the Sunday bag. However, there are golf bags that are designed explicitly for pushcarts.

Which One Is Better Between A Stand Bag And A Cart Bag?

There is no better golf bag. It all depends on your needs and personal preference. Cart bags are great, but some golfers prefer stand bags. Golf cart bags are ideal for movement. Typically, they are designed with many pockets facing the front to avoid blocking your access to your equipment.

In contrast, golf stand bags are the most ideal for golfers who like walking along the golf course. These bags are mainly lightweight with retractable stands that keep them in a position that allows you to access what you need.

The choice is still yours, subject to the purpose intended or use on the golf course and the comfort.


Depending on what you want as a golfer, there are cart bags for everyone. When choosing the right golf bag for pushcarts, you need to consider your playing conditions, how you want to use the bag, and the type of pushcart you will use to tow the bag.

You do not want to buy a golf bag that will not fit on your trolley or cart, so you have to ensure that they are well-matched. Additionally, always check that the strap is appropriately padded to ensure sufficient support as you carry your golf bag on the golf course. The right golf bag for pushcart will allow you to concentrate on improving your game.