9 Best Golf Clubs for Intermediate Players 2022 Review

Since most woods, irons, wedges, putters, and hybrids are specifically made for either beginners or pros, how can the experienced golfers even choose the right golf clubs that can help them master the sport more efficiently? Fortunately, we’re here to introduce the best golf clubs for intermediate players.

Intermediate golfers are somewhere in the middle since they’re already experienced enough to play golf independently but still required to train more in order to become advanced competitive players. They need golf clubs that can challenge their skills while providing enough forgiveness for continuous play, unlike effortless beginner-friendly clubs and the extremely difficult type for advanced players.

Since it’s slightly tricky to identify intermediate golf clubs from the massive number of high-handicap and professional-quality options, feel free to take note of the following products.

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Best Golf Clubs for Intermediate Players Review

Callaway Golf Men’s Strata Complete Set Right Hand Steel 16-Piece

Callaway Golf Men's Strata Complete Set Right Hand Steel 16-Piece

To boost your performance mainly by helping you reach longer distances and ensuring convenience, the Callaway Golf Men’s Strata Complete Right Hand Set comes with a total of 16 items: 1-wood, 3-wood, 4 and 5 hybrids, 6, 7, 8 and 9 irons, pitching wedge, sand wedge, putter, four head covers, and the bag itself.

Now, to learn more about each club included in the set, let’s start with the woods. The 1-wood or driver is made of titanium and has a huge sweet spot for maximum forgiveness. The 3-wood also has a high level of forgiveness by having an aerodynamic shape for its clubhead, which is effective for a higher ball flight.

Focusing on higher flight as well, the irons aim for better control, forgiveness, and distance with their stainless steel material. The sturdiness of steel is beneficial for experienced golfers since the feedback given by the metal’s vibrations upon impact is crucial for improvement, which is the total opposite for novice golfers because they need lighter materials like graphite instead.

Just in case you’re still not confident enough with long irons, this set includes some hybrids. The hybrid golf clubs can help you become more versatile with your shots while ensuring forgiveness.

Of course, a putter should be included. Its face is precision-milled to help you stay accurate and controlled while sinking putts even at a tricky distance.

The bag’s design and quality should be a big deal, too. It can stand on its own with its light yet durable material. It’s also portable and convenient with its back strap and pockets. As a plus, it looks timeless and cool.

The downsides? The woods aren’t durable for long-term use, especially the driver. Some users have noticed signs of wear and tear like dents in less than a hundred hits. Even worse, the 1-wood’s clubhead cracks so bad in some situations while a few 3-woods ultimately have detached heads in less than a month.


  • Improves overall performance
  • Longer distances
  • Convenient items
  • Higher ball flight
  • Better control


  • Worn-out driver
  • Cracked 1-wood clubhead
  • Detached 3-wood clubhead

Wilson Sporting Goods Golf Men’s Set Complete

Wilson Sporting Goods Golf Men's Set Complete

Using advanced systems, high-quality materials, and well-designed parts, the Wilson Sporting Goods Golf Men’s Set completely offers everything you need in a heavy-duty bag to improve all aspects of your performance. It comes with a driver or 1-wood, 6 to 9 irons, 5-hybrid, sand wedge, pitching wedge, putter, three clubhead covers, and carry bag.

For longer distances and faster clubhead speed, the 460cc 1-wood has an aerodynamic shape and a big sweet spot. It promotes better airflow to ensure speed.

Meanwhile, the irons have cavity backs. Their stainless steel structure is constructed with precision to guarantee a straight ball flight and long distance.

While low weighting is crucial for high handicappers, it’s also helpful for intermediate golfers. It can gradually improve an experienced player’s control with each shot.

More about the carry bag, it’s very lightweight for portability. You can adjust its straps so it will perfectly fit your shoulders. It also includes a durable handle so you can effortlessly carry it with your hands.

Storage is a delight as well since the bag has a lot of pockets for different essentials. Whether full or not, it can stand without any hassle because of its stable mechanism.

Despite the excellent quality of the bag overall, some of its components are flimsy, especially the zippers. That’s because the stitching in some sections isn’t foolproof. And, even though the bag uses a durable fabric, a few users don’t like its texture.

Other disadvantages are the bent necks of some clubheads after a few months of frequent use and the detached heads of defective pitching wedges.


  • Hi-tech design
  • Quality materials
  • Excellent construction
  • Complete set
  • Good aerodynamics


  • Flimsy zipper
  • Bent neck
  • Detached pitching wedge clubhead

Cleveland Golf 2019 Huntington Beach SOFT Putter #6

Cleveland Golf 2019 Huntington Beach SOFT Putter #6

Despite any mistake on your hit, the Cleveland Golf 2019 Huntington Beach SOFT Putter #6 uses a speed-optimized face for consistency in terms of distance on each putt. Precision is guaranteed because you’ll be more confident and comfortable as you control your movements.

For excellent rolls, the diamond pattern of this putter has been constructed through computer numerical control (CNC) milling for precision. It also has deep grooves for a softer feel.

Since straight putts require very stable shots, this putter can make the feel more solid for better control. Its center of gravity (CG) is placed in a strategic spot through weight distribution.

To make sure that this putter will match your skill level, the brand offers six shapes to choose from. Each form is Tour-proven, which also represents the versatility of this particular model.

Regarding the main material this putter contains, it’s specifically alloy steel. That type of metal is extremely strong and durable. It can also display a pristine silver color and finish, which leads to an elegant yet unique appearance that will surely catch the attention of everybody on the golf course.

However, some golfers prefer a more subdued design. Let’s face it; shiny metallic golf clubs aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Alloy steel significantly adds to the total weight as well. That’s why this putter is too heavy for some users. It can also give noticeable feedback, which isn’t ideal for some intermediate golfers.


  • True roll
  • Consistent performance
  • Precise distance
  • Stable shots
  • Different shapes for different skill levels


  • Too shiny for some people
  • Heavy feel
  • Distracting feedback

STRATA Women’s Golf Packaged Sets

STRATA Women's Golf Packaged Sets

Perfect for female intermediate players, the STRATA Women’s Golf Packaged Set can improve shots from anywhere on the golf course. It can help women perform better as golfers.

This set is composed of 1 and 3 woods, 4 and 5 hybrids, 6 to 9 irons, sand and pitching wedges, and four head covers in a reliable stand bag. The woods are specifically the forged 460cc driver and the fairway, both with lightweight structures for forgiveness, control, and distance.

Here’s additional information about the set’s woods. The driver focuses on forgiveness and distance by having a light titanium clubhead with a big sweet spot. Meanwhile, aside from forgiveness, the fairway wood is all about a higher ball flight with the aerodynamic shape of its clubhead.

Regarding the irons, they’re made of stainless steel for durability and improvement as well as control and forgiveness, proving how balanced they are for intermediate golfers.

We should also explain the importance of the 4 and 5 hybrids. You can use them if you’re not ready for long irons just yet. Without the difficulty of using those irons, you can do various shots easily. Your confidence level as a golfer will surely increase.

Unfortunately, the driver can have dents in just a few swings. Also, the connection between the hosel and shaft of some irons can break, leading to the possibility of detached clubheads. As for the grips, they can easily wear out.


  • Specifically designed for female golfers
  • Winning shots anywhere on the golf course
  • Balanced features
  • Includes alternative clubs for special situations
  • Gives intermediate golfers more confidence


  • Dents on the driver
  • Loose iron clubhead
  • Worn-out grip

Odyssey Stroke Lab EXO Putter

Odyssey Stroke Lab EXO Putter

Promoting three advanced features you can’t from most golf putters, the Odyssey Stroke Lab EXO Putter is a product of innovation in the world of golf club engineering. It includes the EXO structure itself, the Micro Hinge system combined with White Hot technology, and the Stroke Lab design of the shaft for strategic weighting.

First off, the EXO structure. It focuses on giving options for balance and hang on the face and toe. It can either enhance or minimize the twisting of the face at each stroke.

Another important feature of the EXO design is the higher MOI through the construction of multiple quality materials. It mainly uses stainless steel for the clubhead and lightweight aluminum for the rest of the putter. To be more specific, the materials are 17-4 steel and milled 6061 aluminum.

Meanwhile, for better control of your range and higher precision to always stay accurate, the Micro Hinge feature works with the brand’s special White Hot system. The design aims for efficiency whenever the ball needs to roll in a straight line forward.

Lastly, this putter has an innovative shaft design for precise and smooth strokes. The shaft is extremely lightweight because of the weight concentrated on both ends, not all over the structure.

Of course, there are some disadvantages. Despite the variety of shape options, there are no color choices for total customization.

This putter is also one of the most expensive ones out there. And, even though it’s quite pricey, its grip isn’t exactly durable for frequent use.


  • Comes with several innovations
  • Balanced clubhead
  • Smart combination of materials
  • Controlled range
  • Consistent strokes


  • Lacks color options
  • Too expensive for most golfers
  • Damaged grip

Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter

Pinemeadow Golf Men's PGX Putter

Definitely one of the best-looking putters you can buy, the Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter has a classy white finish that will surely impress everyone around you.

And, the best part? The white look actually has a major purpose aside from giving a unique appearance. It stands out when placed above a green background, specifically the vibrant grass of a standard golf course.

Once the putter looks clear and bright, you’ll be able to see the alignment perfectly. The markings can help you concentrate on the target.

The obvious downside of white golf clubs, however, is that their pristine color can enhance the appearance of flaws like dirt, scratches, and dents. It’s a good thing that this product comes with a free head cover.

It’s even amazing how the cover perfectly fits the clubhead because of its distinct shape. As a plus, its material is very durable to guarantee maximum protection from impact and abrasion during transport.

Despite claims that this putter is 40 grams heavier for stability, some experienced golfers still think it’s more lightweight than other high-quality options. The lighter feel sounds advantageous, but it’s actually a deal-breaker for some players since it lacks that satisfying pendulum-like swing.

The construction of the clubhead isn’t good enough for some users as well. It has a hollow sound, which can be distracting. The head also has issues regarding durability, especially its loose faceplate after a few hits.


  • Beautiful appearance
  • Better alignment
  • Perfect fit of the clubhead cover
  • Durable clubhead cover material
  • High stability


  • Too lightweight for some people
  • Hollow sound
  • Detached faceplate

Callaway Golf Men’s Strata Complete Set Left Hand Steel 12-Piece

Callaway Golf Men's Strata Complete Set Left Hand Steel 12-Piece

If you prefer a Callaway set that has fewer items than the first option, we highly recommend this one. The Callaway Golf Men’s Strata Complete 12-Piece Set includes a 1-wood, 3-wood, 6 to 9 iron, 5 hybrid, pitching wedge, putter, two clubhead covers, and stand bag.

Compared to the product we’ve already introduced from the same brand, this particular set has fewer woods and head covers and also lacks a sand wedge. It’s meant for left-handed golfers as well and certain buyers who prefer a slightly different design of the bag.

There are lots of similarities, though. The 460cc 1-wood is still forged and has a lightweight structure because of its titanium clubhead. The 3-wood is also aerodynamic even with its extra-large size. It can ensure a higher ball flight.

Meanwhile, the irons and pitching wedge are all stainless steel for better control. They’re still very forgiving despite their slightly heavier weight.

As for the hybrid and putter, they can make your golf sessions a lot easier. The hybrid can serve as the user-friendly version of a long iron while the mallet putter includes an alignment for accuracy.

Unfortunately, the driver isn’t highly durable. It might have dents or cracks before you can even hit 100 golf balls. Some users are also unsatisfied with the quality of the 3-wood and hybrid.


  • Simple set
  • Aerodynamic
  • Higher ball flight
  • Better control
  • Reliable alignment


  • Dent on the driver
  • Cracked driver
  • Needs improvement on some of its golf clubs

Nitro Golf – X Factor 13 Piece Complete Set With Bag Graphite/Steel

Nitro Golf - X Factor 13 Piece Complete Set With Bag Graphite-Steel

With its 1-wood that has a lightweight structure and smooth edge, the Nitro Golf – X Factor 13 Piece Complete Set with Bag can maintain accuracy and long range. It also has a lightweight fairway wood with a lower CG and smoother clubhead form to enhance power.

Also prioritizing lower CG placement, each iron has a wider sole for a bigger contact area. Meanwhile, the clubhead of the hybrid has an effective shape for a higher MOI. The last golf club in the set is the putter with its advanced alignment design for stability.

Including the head covers, all of the items can be placed inside the stand bag. Everything in this set looks very luxurious and unique with its gold, silver, and black color combination. That’s why it’s such a delightful surprise that this product is actually much more affordable than most golf club sets.

This expensive-looking set can be disappointing, though. It turns out that the driver and irons can easily break. Some buyers have also received incomplete sets.


  • Smooth edge
  • Accurate performance
  • Maintains long distances
  • Luxurious look at an affordable price
  • Well-designed alignment


  • Broken driver
  • Flimsy iron
  • Incomplete set

Orlimar Golf ATS Junior Boy’s Individual Golf Clubs

Orlimar Golf ATS Junior Boy's Individual Golf Clubs

When you say experienced golfer, most people would think about a typical adult who’s always playing on a golf course. However, some kids are actually so advanced that they can be considered intermediate players. That’s why golf clubs for young people can also be a little challenging for early improvement.

An ideal example, the Orlimar ATS Junior Boy’s Individual Golf Clubs are perfect for kids ages three to five years old or people standing 3’ to 3’8” tall. They come in a youthful blue and lime color combination and separate club options for specific needs.

Each golf club has a flexible graphite shaft, rubber grip, and head cover to ensure convenience and comfort for young golfers.

Unfortunately, some sets have missing clubhead covers. This product can also be too large or too heavy for some younger kids.


  • Specifically designed for kids
  • Fun color combination
  • Individual options
  • Flexible shaft
  • Comfortable grip


  • Missing head cover
  • Too large for some kids
  • Can be too heavy for some junior golfers

How to Choose Good Golf Clubs for Intermediate Players



One of the most important golf clubs every golfer must have in their set, the 1 or fairway wood is known for its rounder clubhead and longer shaft compared to other clubs in order to reach the longest distance possible on the golf course. As mentioned, woods can either be drivers called 1-woods or numbered ones called fairway woods, depending on the player’s preferences. Most sets include one driver and a couple of fairway woods, generally numbered 3 or 5.

Comparing drivers and fairway woods, the latter is just a little bit heavier and shorter with a slightly higher loft. The 1-wood or driver should always be the longest and most lightweight golf club in a standard set. It should also have the lowest loft to have the longest range.

Why are numbered woods called fairway woods, anyway? Simply put, they’re used for long shots coming from anywhere on the fairway. In fact, they can be numbered up to 9 since the fairway has massive coverage.

Despite the number of fairway woods in total, 3- and 5-wood are still the most popular ones in golf club sets. That’s because they’re perfect for fine-tuning and being long iron alternatives.

Now, to the crucial part of this section: which woods are fit for intermediate golfers? Luckily for those players, most drivers are actually designed for mid handicap. They don’t need to be the most forgiving ones since that’s the job for high-handicap woods, but they should still be able to help intermediate players achieve straight trajectories and long distances in an easier way. That’s why having a higher MOI is still essential.

When it comes to fairway woods for intermediate golfers, they usually have clubheads that are a little bit smaller than those with the highest level of forgiveness. That shouldn’t be a huge problem, though, since experienced players have already mastered the basics. They just need features that can make them more consistent.


Compared to woods, golf irons are a lot smaller and shorter in terms of clubhead size and shaft length. The clubhead of a typical iron, which is usually composed of steel, looks much smaller than a driver’s because of its flat face with a distinct angle and deep grooves.

Since an iron clubhead is more difficult to use since it’s smaller, why is this type of golf club still in demand for golfers? That’s because it’s significantly more accurate than woods once you get the hang of it. It’s not surprising that most advanced players prefer it more than fairway woods and drivers.

Golf irons are also more versatile. They can be used on the fairway, green, and even hazards since their clubheads aren’t bulky, unlike woods. No wonder they’re the most popular type of golf clubs, making them dominate every club set with at least four irons while woods and other clubs generally have a couple of options only.

With the smaller clubhead of irons, intermediate golfers should choose forgiving ones, especially those that have cavity backs and perimeter weighting for a bigger sweet spot. A forgiving iron can still challenge them to perform better without unnecessary stress.


Golf wedges are technically golf irons. However, they’re usually recognized to be a separate type of golf club because of their special purpose. First off, they’re the heaviest, highest, and shortest among the irons, which makes perfect sense since they offer a different set of benefits.

Aside from accuracy for shorter distances, which can also be made possible by other golf clubs, wedges are best known for their effectiveness on softer surfaces because of their modified soles. They can easily remove a golf ball buried in the mud or sand. They can also hit a ball covered in thick grass.

There’s no single set of standards about the best wedges for intermediate golfers. It turns out that high-quality wedges are great for all skill levels.

Just make sure to choose a wedge with the right systems or features for your own golfing skills. Check its limitations so you won’t regret your purchase.

It also helps to find something more suitable for your budget since many affordable wedges can actually be as great as some expensive ones. However, we suggest buying golf clubs sets with both pitching and sand wedges to ensure that your purchase is good value for money.


The purpose of the putter is pretty straightforward. It’s meant for putting, which is to hit the ball gently when it’s finally near your target hole.

You can easily tell whether a golf club is a putter or not just by looking at the size and flatness of its clubhead. The head is extremely flat while the face has the lowest loft possible to ensure a slower ball for short-distance rolls.

To better control the distinct design of the head, these standards are added: the shaft is bent, the grips aren’t circular, and the alignment markers are highly readable.

Forgiveness and alignment are important for both beginners and intermediate golfers, but the latter needs something extra for faster improvements. Intermediate players need slight feedback or vibration from the metal shaft so they can analyze their hits and be more accurate while putting consistently.


Number of Golf Clubs

Approximately 12 pieces of golf clubs are ideal for intermediate golfers. They should include a driver, a couple of fairway woods and hybrids, four game-improvement irons, two wedges for pitching and sand hazards, and a putter. Free clubhead covers are important as well.

Quality of the Bag

The golf bag should have its own stand for maximum convenience on the golf course. And, since golf is obviously an outdoor activity, the bag should also have a rain hood and/or umbrella holder just in case it rains suddenly while you’re still playing.

Other essential features must include big and small pockets, shoulder straps, and extremely durable fabric material for the whole structure with reinforced stitching.


The bestselling option in stores is the Callaway Golf Men’s Strata 16-Piece Set. Its popularity makes total sense once you check its features. Knowing that it’s a complete set with high-quality golf clubs fit for intermediate golfers and a portable stand bag made of durable materials, we highly recommend this product regardless of the brand.

Meanwhile, when looking for good golf clubs for intermediate players, the standards are based on the type of club you need. Each club has a specific purpose made possible by its distinct set of features. If you prefer a set, check the number of clubs included and the quality of the stand bag.

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