12 Best Women’s Golf Clubs 2022 Review

Since the invention of the first-ever golf club, the standard size has always been based on an average man’s physique. However, more and more women are interested in golfing nowadays, which demands alternative sizes so that even a petite female golfer can perform flawlessly on a golf course. On that note, we’re here to share a list of the best women’s golf clubs.

The first thing that comes to mind when it says that a golf club is designed for women is its shaft length. Naturally, clubs for female golfers indeed have shorter shafts.

But, other features are as important as the shaft, too. A 1-wood, iron, or any other golf club must match a woman’s swing speed and overall skill level to help her make fewer strokes as possible each round. That means better designs of the clubhead, face, grip, and other major components.

Without further ado, the following products are some of the best golf clubs for women.

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Best Women’s Golf Clubs Review

Callaway Women’s Solaire Complete Golf Set (11 Piece)

Callaway Women's Solaire Complete Golf Set (11 Piece)

With its design that’s superior to most options in stores, the Callaway Women’s Solaire Complete Golf Set (11 Piece) is an excellent choice for female golfers everywhere. Each club is specifically constructed for improving an average female player’s performance by providing her with the right fit. It can definitely help her make much better shots.

Eleven items in just one purchase is a really good value for money. This golf club set is meant for an entire golf course. It even includes free clubhead covers to keep the heads and faces safe from impact and abrasion during transport.

Focusing on the general performance of this product, each golf club in this set comes with loft settings for different types of female players. It’s also sufficiently lightweight despite being packed with advanced systems designed for longer distances. From the tee all the way up to the green, you’ll have a blast with this highly versatile and convenient option.

As expected from the 11-pound total weight, it’s actually a little heavier than other golf club sets. There’s also a learning curve with the driver or 1-wood of this product because of its loft which is slightly higher than the usual default setting for women. And, despite this option highlighting the design of its putter, the uniqueness of its features isn’t user-friendly in general.


  • Superior design overall
  • Game improvement
  • Right fit for most women
  • Better shots
  • Complete set


  • Heavier total weight
  • Learning curve
  • Challenging putter

Precise M5 Ladies Complete Right Handed Golf Club Set

Precise M5 Ladies Complete Right Handed Golf Club Set

A standard option for right-handed female golfers, the Precise M5 Ladies Complete Golf Club Set includes a 1-wood with an ideal volume of 460 cubic centimeters (cc), 3-wood, 21-hybrid, pitching wedge, putter, and 5 to 9 irons. It comes in three size options namely Petite (-1 inch), Tall (+1), and the regular one. It’s generally for women standing at least 5’3” up to 5’8” tall.

Now, let’s discuss more the 460cc 1-wood. Having the maximum volume acceptable for clubheads, it has bigger features. That’s why it’s very forgiving to give everybody a chance, especially beginners, to reach farther distances.

We want to highlight the putter as well. It’s super-easy to use because of its alignment system. To be more specific, it has a special mechanism that can improve your aim.

Of course, let’s not forget about the bag. It has its own stand so you can place it securely on the golf course while you’re playing. Regarding its compartments, each one is big enough for all golfing essentials. As a plus, the three clubhead covers match the color combination of the entire set.

Sadly, the bag isn’t durable enough for long-term use. It doesn’t have enough strength to hold all the included items in the set plus your other belongings for years of frequent play.

While the color combination is the same for both the stand bag and the golf clubs, the exact quality isn’t. The shade of pink is too different. It’s also a given that not all women like feminine colors.


  • Standard set of items for most female golfers
  • Size options
  • Bigger clubhead for the golf driver
  • High forgiveness
  • Convenient alignment guide for the putter


  • Not enough durability from the bag
  • Different shades of pink
  • Too feminine for some women

Aspire XD1 Ladies Complete Right Handed Golf Club Set

Aspire XD1 Ladies Complete Right Handed Golf Club Set

Specifically designed for petite women, the Aspire XD1 Ladies Complete Right Handed Golf Club Set has its 460cc 1-wood, 3-wood, 21-hybrid, putter, pitching wedge, and numbered irons with the correct fit and length. All of its golf clubs are meant to be stored in the stand bag included upon purchase. They also come with three clubhead covers. As a plus, the bag has its own rain hood for sudden weather changes.

The reason why this golf club set is ideal for petite ladies is that it’s made for women standing 5’ to 5’5” tall. It’s actually labeled Petite (-1 inch), so you’re less likely to get confused during purchase.

And, now, for the shaft. It has a flex meant for female golfers. It’s also made of graphite, which is why it’s very lightweight. The graphite shafts are attached to the driver, fairway wood, and irons. They also come with non-slip grips composed of rubber.

While a lot of golf club sets are dominated by the color pink, this one only uses it as an accent. It looks perfect with the larger black areas, which is still feminine overall yet much cooler and edgier. Even some of its clubs look attractive, especially the 1-wood with its interesting pattern.

Durability is such an issue with this product, though. The 1-wood, putter, and even the bag’s standing mechanism can be easily damaged by impact. To be more specific, the clubheads of the 1-wood and putter can either be cracked or detached from the shaft.


  • Perfect for petite female golfers
  • Free rain hood
  • Lightweight
  • Secure grips
  • Feminine yet edgy look


  • Cracked driver clubhead
  • Detached putter clubhead
  • Broken stand

STRATA Women’s Golf Packaged Set


STRATA Women's Golf Packaged Set

Right from your tee shot or drive all the way up to the putt, the STRATA Women’s Golf Packaged Set is constructed with advanced systems to maximize your distance for better performance. It comes with a 1-wood or driver, 3-wood, putter, sand wedge, pitching wedge, 6 to 9 irons, 4 and 5 hybrids, and four free clubhead covers in just one durable stand bag.

It’s time to focus on the features of each golf club. In the wood category, we have the driver and the fairway one. The driver is made of titanium and has a big sweet spot to increase forgiveness during tee shots. The numbered wood has high forgiveness as well to enhance flight and distance but specifically through aerodynamics from its clubhead’s form.

As for the rest of the golf clubs, the irons use stainless steel to improve control, the hybrids can help you do different types of shots if you don’t prefer irons, and the putter is all about precision. Meanwhile, the stand bag is lightweight and trendy with its multiple compartments and user-friendly back strap.

Unlike the stand bag’s durability, some of the golf clubs in this set aren’t tough enough for long-term use. The 1-wood can be easily dented, the iron’s clubheads might get broken during initial use, and the grips can wear out in just a few weeks of constant play.


  • A go-to set for the entire golf course
  • Maximized distance
  • Durable stand bag
  • Big sweet spot
  • Better control


  • Dented golf driver
  • Detached golf iron clubhead
  • Worn-out grip

Precise M3 Ladies Complete Golf Club Set

Precise M3 Ladies Complete Golf Club Set

As soon as you remove the Precise M3 Ladies Complete Golf Club Set from its package, you can play with it right away because the items are complete and ready to use. Overall, it’s designed for forgiveness and distance.

There are three size options for this product: Regular, Petite, and Tall. The Regular size is for women standing 5’3” to 5’9” tall, the Petite one is for female golfers shorter than 5’3”, and the Tall option is for those who are taller than 5’9”.

Regarding the golf clubs, both the irons and the woods are meant for straighter trajectories. The irons specifically have high forgiveness while the woods focus on aerodynamics.

Each club also features a Ladies flex and right-hand orientation. You must know as well that this set includes a putter grip.

Additionally, every single item in this set has a color combination that matches the whole product. While most sets use bright colors as mere accents, this one lets purple and silver shine through while black is just the color accent.

More importantly, the bag can either be carried like a backpack or a handbag. That’s because a handle is included aside from the strap. You can even keep the golf clubs dry from sudden drizzles because of the extra rain hood.

The downside? The bag isn’t as durable as what other golf club sets have. It can be ripped apart. Another flaw is the pitching wedge’s clubhead that can rattle for some reason. Also, there’s no available option for left-handed women.


  • Protection from rain
  • Size options
  • Highly portable bag
  • Comfortable grip
  • Bright colors


  • Ripped bag
  • Rattling wedge
  • No options for left-handed female golfers

TaylorMade SIM MAX Driver, Fujikura Ventus 6 Shaft

TaylorMade SIM MAX Driver Fujikura Ventus 6 Shaft

To make you more confident with your shots, the TaylorMade SIM MAX Driver has a bigger face with a corrective angle. That’s why it’s extremely forgiving and straighter in terms of ball flights. It specifically uses a system called Twist Face.

Another advantage you can get from this product is that it comes with progressive choices of face heights or sizes. No wonder it’s ideal for all skill levels that have different preferences on forgiveness and functionality.

When it comes to preferences on ball flight, this golf driver has a two-degree loft sleeve. You can definitely adjust it anytime.

Since speed is also crucial for better performance, the face has an improved coefficient of restitution (COR). To be more specific, it’s entirely speed-injected through proper clubhead calibration.

Compared to other high-quality 1-woods, though, this particular product isn’t the best when it comes to distance. Some of its units also collapse out of the blue when taken out of their packages. And, if the unit is totally fine fresh from the box, it can still break in just a few months if you’re transporting it all the time without being cautious  enough.


  • Corrective face angle
  • Progressive face height options
  • Adjustable loft sleeve
  • Smart combination of materials
  • Lots of choices for different aspects


  • Not enough distance for some female golfers
  • Collapsed unit
  • Not durable enough for frequent transportation

Precise Premium Ladies Complete Golf Club Set

Precise Premium Ladies Complete Golf Club Set

With its stand bag and three clubhead covers aside from the actual set of golf clubs, the Precise Premium Ladies Complete Golf Club Set is a must-have for an average female golfer. It also comes with a 1-wood made of titanium, fairway wood, putter, hybrid, pitching wedge, and numbered irons.

Regardless of your height, this golf club set can be your go-to equipment on any golf course you visit. It comes in three size options: Standard for 5’3” to 5’8”, Petite for 5’3” max, and Tall for at least 5’8”.

Other details you need to know about this product are the 460cc volume of the 1-wood’s clubhead, the stainless steel material of the irons and woods, the pure graphite composition of all the right-hand Ladies flex shafts and the secure rubber grips.

More about the stand bag, it has a color combination of pink and silver with black accents, just like the golf clubs and clubhead covers. Its straps are even similar to a backpack’s. And, of course, a rain hood is added since weather can be unpredictable.

Just don’t expect the stand bag to have the exact same color as the photos in online stores. The shade of purple can be different.

Some users aren’t convinced as well about the quality of the construction and materials because of the wobbly stand, thin strap, and unstable handle. It can get worse with the slightly heavier weight of the stand bag, which is definitely bad news when it’s full of golf clubs and other essentials.


  • Standard set
  • Great for both taller and shorter women
  • Secure grips
  • Cute color combination
  • Backpack design


  • Different shade of purple
  • Flimsy components
  • A little bit heavier than other options

Callaway Golf 2020 Women’s Mavrik Max Hybrid

Callaway Golf 2020 Women's Mavrik Max Hybrid

rtificial intelligence (AI), the Callaway Golf 2020 Women’s Mavrik Max Hybrid is packed with advantages despite being a single golf club, not a set like most of the products we’ve introduced so far. The AI design is specifically on its face to improve the loft.

More about the face, it’s technically called Flash Face SS20. It’s made of steel with Jailbreak and Face Cup systems to significantly increase ball speeds for distance.

Overall, this hybrid club perfectly represents the purpose of its kind. It can help you launch golf balls effortlessly because of its stable structure and effective positioning of its center of gravity (CG).

The rest of the features we should mention are the free clubhead cover, 33-degree loft, super-light UST Helium graphite shaft, Ladies flex, and Lamkin Sonar grip. As for the choices you can get during the buying process, we have left- or right-hand orientation and 4 to 8 hybrid options. Appearance-wise, this golf hybrid also looks elegant with its black surfaces with gold and silver color accents.

It goes without saying that this product isn’t a set of golf clubs. It’s only for women who need a good hybrid.

As a hybrid golf club, it isn’t sturdy enough for some female golfers since it can be too lightweight. Its undeniable lightness can also reduce feedback, which is a disadvantage for a lot of pros due to the lack of vibrations for analysis. On the bright side, minimal vibrations also mean comfort.


  • Hi-tech manufacturing process
  • Higher ball speed
  • Easier launch
  • Hybrid options
  • Elegant look


  • Not a set of golf clubs
  • Too lightweight for some women
  • Insufficient feedback

Believe Ladies Complete Golf Set – Right-Handed

Believe Ladies Complete Golf Set - Right-Handed

With the maximum size of its 460cc 1-wood and the low profile of its 3-wood, the Believe Ladies Complete Golf Set can help you maintain a long distance every time you hit a ball and launch higher shots with straighter trajectories.

Aside from the driver and fairway wood, irons are obviously included as well in this golf club set. Some are hybrids while others are numbered.

The other type of club that we should mention is the putter with a mallet design, which totally complements the style of the entire set. In addition, all of the aforementioned clubs have lightweight graphite shafts with the right flex for women.

Unfortunately, despite the fashionable and unique design of the cart bag, it’s far from luxurious in terms of quality. In just a few months, the fabric liner might become excessively loose that it won’t be able to securely hold golf clubs anymore. The side zippers are quite flimsy, too.

Even though the top part of the cart bag looks stylish, some users find it annoying. That’s because it seems to be placed backward, limiting convenience and portability.


  • Longer distance
  • Higher shots
  • Straighter trajectories
  • Cart bag instead of the usual stand bag
  • Classy color combination


  • Loose lining
  • Flimsy zippers
  • Strange top design of the cart bag

Palm Springs Golf Visa V2 Youth/Teenager All Graphite Club Set & Stand Bag

Palm Springs Golf Visa V2 Youth Teenager All Graphite Club Set & Stand Bag

Highly recommended for young or petite beginners and intermediate female golfers, the Palm Springs Golf Visa V2 Youth/Teenager All Graphite Club Set uses advanced technology to keep all of its golf clubs user-friendly  through high forgiveness.

First off, the stand bag. It has seven dividers to keep the golf clubs in order. It also has spacious compartments, including four exterior ones with zippers, for essentials like tees and balls. But, unlike most golf club bags, it includes a special holder for a towel.

The specific features of this golf club set include a putter, pitching wedge, two woods, two hybrids, six irons, graphite shafts, putter grips composed of rubber, clubhead covers, and a unique sky blue color accent.

Some major parts of this set aren’t very durable, though. The shafts and stand legs don’t work smoothly sometimes. In particular, some shafts can’t handle faster swings while a little damage on a leg can stop the whole thing from standing straight.

The size or length of the golf clubs can also be disappointing for a lot of adult or tall players. It’s clearly meant for younger golfers or petite women.


  • Can be used by kids or teenagers
  • Ideal for high handicappers
  • Spacious pockets
  • Towel holder
  • Unusual color accent


  • Weak shaft
  • Wobbly leg
  • Not great for taller adults

Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Max Driver

Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Max Driver

Different type of golf club yet the same exact brand and color combination as the previous Mavrik Max, the Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Max Driver is another amazing product from the world-famous manufacturer. You can easily identify it with its massive clubhead, which is expected from a 1-wood.

While a lot of golf drivers don’t prioritize sound, this one aims for depth to give you a crisp thwack. It specifically has a special rib technology composed of titanium for its clubhead, which is carefully developed and constructed by AI for a more advanced design.

For vague reasons, some women just can’t play well with this golf driver. It’s not ideal for certain types of swings despite adjustable features. Also, its feel isn’t satisfying for some female golfers, which can lead to a steep learning curve.


  • Another excellent golf club from the Mavrik Max product line
  • Massive clubhead
  • Crisp sound
  • Lightweight crown
  • Wide range of choices


  • Not the right option for some shots
  • Unsatisfying feel
  • Learning curve

Cleveland Golf 2020 Smart Sole G 4.0 Wedge RH 50 Steel

Cleveland Golf 2020 Smart Sole G 4.0 Wedge RH 50 Steel Wedge

Certainly the only individual wedge option on this list of products, the Cleveland Golf 2020 Smart Sole G 4.0 Wedge is ideal for female golfers who specifically need this type of golf club. As a G model, it can be on the same level as C and S models since it’s extremely versatile.

Overall, this golf wedge has a nice feel. It’s super-balanced because of the weight distribution made possible by the hosel, which transfers the CG near the face’s center to ensure precision, response, and comfort.

Meanwhile, some of the specific features of this one-pound wedge include the milled grooves for better ball spins and the sole with three tiers for a more forgiving wedge.

Just remember that this is not a set of items. You’ll only receive a single wedge if you choose this product.


  • Highly recommended for women looking for a good golf wedge
  • Extremely versatile
  • Balanced feel
  • Impressive ball spin
  • Sturdy with a luxurious appearance


  • Just an individual golf club, no free items

How to Choose Good Women’s Golf Clubs



The main point of women’s golf clubs is to give female golfers a chance to play without any hassle by providing the right length for their height. With the correct length, a woman’s arms can be positioned properly for any type of shot. This can also ensure comfort by preventing strain caused by awkward positioning.

Golf clubs for women are at least 1.5 inches shorter than men’s. However, that’s obviously unnecessary for tall female golfers. If a woman is 5’9” or taller, she can freely use the standard length of clubs without experiencing discomfort.


Sometimes, the standard light flex isn’t enough for a lot of female golfers. That’s why the Ladies flex exists instead of women being forced to adjust to a Regular or Senior flex.

We all know many women are very athletic, which makes them swing faster, but manufacturers always base the Ladies flex on the scientific claim that female golfers generally have the slowest swings compared to the average players of other gender or age groups. That’s why that particular flex rating is designed to be the softest one.

However, just because a golfer’s a woman doesn’t necessarily mean that she should choose a Ladies flex. It’s best to know first her average distance. If she can’t reach 200 yards most of the time, then she should use a Ladies flex. More than that, and she can go for a Regular or Senior flex.



For this type of golf club, we need to talk about two variations: the driver and the fairway wood.

While the maximum shaft length of golf drivers is 48 inches and the one for men’s is usually 45 inches, women’s are generally 44 inches only. As for the ideal material, it’s graphite most of the time since it’s more lightweight, which is perfect for slower swings.

Since golf drivers have the largest clubheads, weighting is crucial because of the high volume. That’s why it’s important for a female golfer to use a 1-wood with an adjustable head, which is usually in the form of sliding weights. She should be able to adjust the loft as well just in case her shots are unpredictable.

On the other hand, fairway woods have slightly smaller clubheads. What you should focus on, however, is the number indicated since that’s based on the default loft of the club.

With a lower number within the range of 2 to 15, expect a higher distance because of the lower loft. Meanwhile, the higher the number, the lower the distance but with a higher loft for those who really need it.

It goes without saying that fairway woods are usually shorter than the standard length as well if they’re specifically designed for women.


Since irons have much smaller clubheads than woods, they’re generally considered to be more challenging, hence the manufacturers increasing their forgiveness over the years. A lot of high handicappers are female, and they can definitely benefit from irons with bigger cavity-back heads and better perimeter weighting through wider soles and lighter areas.


Compared to golf wedges for men, the one for women’s is shorter, lighter, and more flexible with a bigger grip. It usually has a graphite shaft for a more lightweight structure.


The purpose of this type of golf club makes most hybrids ideal for women regardless of their specific features. It’s designed to be the major alternative for irons. It can introduce a slight learning curve, but it can make things so much easier once the player gets used to it.

Instead of focusing too much on the features of a hybrid, the number one factor is to know how many hybrids a woman must have in her golf bag. Two hybrids are enough for replacing the 4 and 5 irons, but a female golfer can choose to have three if she also needs an alternative for her 6 iron.


The clubheads of putters manufactured for women are mostly lighter than the usual weight. And, of course, their shafts are slightly shorter than the 35-inch standard. Make sure you consider your exact height before buying a putter.


The first product we’ve introduced is the one we really want to recommend for women because of its luxurious quality, complete set of golf clubs, and convenient stand bag for long-term use. The Callaway Women’s Solaire Complete Golf Set (11 Piece) can significantly improve an average female golfer’s performance. It’s a little bit heavier than other sets and it might force you to deal with a learning curve or a challenging putter, but most options can’t beat its overall quality.

Meanwhile, out of all the specifications and factors that make high-quality women’s golf clubs, we suggest checking the specs and the type of club first. This can help you decide on which product to purchase quickly.

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