Practice & Instruction – Marlton Golf Club, Upper Marlboro, MD


Wayne Jearld, Golf Coach

PGA, Professional Golf Association of America
Player Ability Test (PAT), Successfully Completed


The Marlton Golf Course offers private and group lessons conducted on all aspects of the game to golfers of all ability levels. Call the Marlton at 301-856-7566 for scheduling. We also have golf clinics for beginners that cover golf swing mechanics as well as rules and etiquette.  Lessons are available year round.  You may also purchase gift certificates.

Private Lessons

Lessons are available on all facets of the game from our Professional.  Tailor your session to focus on putting, chipping, short game, full swing or Course Management.

60 minute lesson, $50

6-one hour lessons, $250

4-one hour lessons with 4-hole playing lesson, $200

Intermediate Level- 5-one hour lessons, $320

Playing Lessons

3-Holes, $50

6-Holes, $100

9-holes, $160

We will discuss handling bunkers, deep rough and other specialized shots, while learning to manage your way around the golf course to avoid problems and set up opportunities for better scoring.


Beginner Clinics – 5-one hour lessons, $100

The beginner clinic is designed to bring beginner golfers up to speed on the fundamentals of the golf swing as well as etiquette, equipment, terminology and the rules.  Learn the game of golf in a fun and friendly environment with other beginners.

Class 1:  Rules and Etiquette of golf

Class 2:  Putting

Class 3:  Short game

Class 4:  Basics of full swing

Class 5:  Dynamic of the full swing

Class size for groups are limited to a minimum of 3 and maximum of 7 students.

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